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   All “Words” are a result of studying the Bible for the past 20 plus years, learning the character of God as it is described in our only physical connection with Jehovah. I have chosen an Interlinear Bible, with both the Hebrew and Greek for a closer touch to the original wording, along with the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance and Dictionary for deeper research of God’s word. The topics I’ve chosen are a reaction from conversation, books, sermons and general Christian teachings that I find contrary to God’s word. These topics are to be researched by yourself with the Bible of your choice and prayer, to guide you to the truth.
  I was impressed to read the entire Bible and decided to disregard everything I knew about religion, starting with a blank page. Some of what I found after several readings was a shock, compared to what I had learned from other religious sources. I felt compelled to share my findings and hope that these words will impress you to read, in it’s entirety, the only manual for life, the Bible, inspired by the Son of the Creator, Jesus. If your personal future is valued, this Book is necessary reading for understanding and for your pending necessary decision.
...the other nations could see that when the Israelites kept God’s word they were blessed and when they drifted away from God’s guidelines, protection and blessings were lost...
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Short Excerpts
Bible Message
...effect on the viewer, a good sermon can be lost by a poor speaker or an incorrect
message can be accepted as truth by powerful presentation or a personable speaker...
...despite these verses and many others, this is usually news to many Christians, we
are familiar with the name but because we read it in our Bibles or hear it used from...
...a daily connection with God’s word keeps you connected with Him, focused on His
directions and gives you an opportunity to rely on His input through His Holy Spirit...
God's Control
...God’s complete control is guiding the world to a certain destination, to a certain out-
come, for a certain amount of time. He is allowing Satan’s reign over this world only to...
God' Name Verses
...with the Old Testament are taken from the Hebrew “Mesoretic Text” which fully
contains 6000+ uses of the “Tetragrammaton” (the Hebrew symbols for God’s ...
Why Sin Is Allowed
...to experience the ill effects of all deviations from God’s perfect system, either
by our own mistakes or by the mistakes of others, in order to understand their...
Creator List
...(contrary to His own words) there would be no need or reason to inherit or be given
authority over heaven and so logically this authority came from His Father, Jehovah...
Day of Rest
...rest is planned after 6000 years of existence. The day of rest can only be on the seventh
day and not the first because that is when rest is needed, after work is done, not before...
I Am, Question
...and this is generally as far as people read or quote but in verse 15, God goes on to say
“And God again to Moses, you shall say this to the sons of Israel”, the exact translation...
...we have the same traits and make-up of our parent so Jesus has the same make-up as His
parent, coming from God Almighty, Jehovah, God is every sense and perfect as His Father...
First Love
…this would have not been allowed by the congregation if we had maintained our original
love of the Bible.
Seek God
…can we worship God without knowing why He is worthy of worship? The only sure way to
Know Jehovah is by reading the only book written about Jehovah God, by the only Man…
Christ was sent by the Father Jehovah because of His love for us, we are His creations, “And
Jehovah God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils the…
Now, we are to police ourselves, individually, by our knowledge of God’s word and by our
Conscience. We are to avoid judging others, for Jesus was given this authority, “And coming