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Interiors are generally house interiors for magazine and Ads for Interior designer,  
Decorators and furniture stores. Most all images are taken with a Hasselblad digital
Camera. Interiors are so time consuming because of the lighting set up time, almost
all shots are lit with large strobes and reflectors. The average time for a room set-up
Is about 1-3 hours.
Exteriors are from the Magazines and Ads for various clients and printed material.
Working outside is somewhat unpredictable, weather conditions changes the
Photo drastically, the color, the position and the diffusion of the sun has such
control of the mood and effect of the image. It can be very quick or I’ve waited
hours for the light to turn the way I expect it to and sometimes it never does.
People are from the same magazines plus Advertising and Co. Brochure. Most
all people are real people, not commercial models. I love working with most
people but it is stressful when they are nervous. When working with people there
is a special kind of communication, not describable in words, a real reward.
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These images are set in the advertisement as it was published, these are called
“Tare Sheets” and ran in news papers, magazines, postcards, or Co Brochures,
usually designed by an advertising agency or an in-house designer. These
samples of work are sometime a great reward for difficult assignments because
The photos usually look better with copy and other ad elements.
I learned fashion in NYC working for Vogue-Wright Studios and continued this
in Phila. But you need to remember that this was 25 plus years ago so the style
and clothing reflects that time period. These are all professional models listed
at various Model Agencies. Most of these photos are “model test” used to build
up the model’s & photographer’s portfolios and to give both more experience..
The Restaurants are mostly all shot for use in either Chester CO Town & Country
Living or Montgomery CO T&C Living Magazines. With only one photo to be used
for a Restaurant, I tried to get as much of the look of the dining area in addition
to a good display of the food that their chef prepared for the photo. This process
usually took from 2 hours to 4 hours. Sometimes an alternate dish or arrangement
was taken for the Magazine to choose. Doing Restaurants was always a fun day.