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Berks CO
Berks CO
Chester County images were gathered during the 15 + years I worked on the
Chester County Town & Country Living Magazine, many of these photos were
taken during my traveling to and from. Many were used as a “Photo Essay”
in the publications.  Horse country and farms are still there but........
Berks County is now where I live during my retirement, where I can find easy
roads and working farms. Corn season is heavenly and small towns show up
when ever you need one, open country when ever you don’t. Seldom do I find
a traffic jam and breakfast specials are everywhere.
I have visited Maine 5 times and saw moose in the wild, rocky cliffs and the
logging forest in the northern part, all invite me back again. Secluded places
are easy to find and they have there share of quirt fishing villages, which all
cameras love.
Images are from other visited states and a few from Europe. I’ve seen parts of
almost every state, I do plan to touch them all. Every state has it’s special
places and personality, the USA is filled with God’s creative touch and our
Parks System do a good job of keeping us from destroying His beautiful work.
Computer images are ones that I’ve altered from reality through PtotoShop. I
simple enjoy doing this when I have some time and sometimes I like the
results so I’ve included them for the heck of it.. Maybe you will find them
appealing to your eye, probably not.. The gray borders are part of the look..
Utah images are from the 14 times I’ve visited this most fabulous state. I’ve
driven my Bronck II there 9 times and camped along the many 4x4 roads
that lace the many Parks and Public lands. The flat top mountains, rocks
and canyons are forever new around every curve and camp sites are as
easy to find as getting out of your car. “It’s like driving to the moon”
Chester Barns
Chester CO Barns
Throughout the years of working on the Chester CO magazine, I’ve collected
photos taken along the way and have become fond of the barns. Searching
for magazine “Photo Essay” material and “Towns” I’ve collected many photo
and video images. Here a some of the barns in Chester County. They all are
part of our changing world, as covered bridges and diners disappear.
B&W Images
Black & White Photos
The first ten years of my passion for photography was working in B&W and
that was excellent training because it forced me to see outside of common
reality. It was hands on control, developing and printing and also a totally
Manual camera forced me to understand the process. These B&W photos
Are both past and recent works, from digital to scanned 4x5 negatives.
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e-mail: me@joelzarska.com